• Rethinking Food as a Faith Community

    Rethinking Food is a new VAIPL quick guide to help congregations be more cognizant of their actions as faith communities concerning food. Why should people of faith consider caring for Creation through their food choices? What are some food-related environmental issues? Get answers to all these questions and find out how some Virginia-based congregations are leading the way to care for Creation.
  • Let's Protect Hampton Roads

    As people of conscience, we know that we live out our faith through the actions that we take. We invite you to reflect on how through your personal actions and civic engagement you can help right this wrong of climate change. Please check out our election resources and be sure to share them with others as we work together inspiring one another to build a world rooted in love and justice.

Our Vision & Mission

We empower all faith communities across the Commonwealth of Virginia to achieve sustainable living.

We are people of faith collaborating to grow healthy communities and advance climate justice through education, advocacy, and worship.

We are a regional affiliate of the national organization Interfaith Power & Light. We are a program of the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy.


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Virginia Interfaith Power and Light is a program of the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy.

VAIPL supports the mission and vision of the Virginia Environmental Justice Collaborative.

VAIPL is thankful to one of our partners in particular, the Earth Day Network.