Leah Jones

Leah joined VAIPL as Faith Community Outreach Coordinator in 2020. Leah grew up under the baptist tradition but currently considers herself to be a spiritual person. She continues to use her faith as a motivation to proclaim justice. Graduating from William and Mary with a degree in Biology and Environmental Science and Policy in 2019, she is an enthusiastic advocate for environmental and racial activism. During her college career, she developed a passion for intersectional environmental issues, specifically those pertaining to food security and climate justice. After her experience with Environment Virginia as an intern in 2016, she made it a priority to be an environmental educator and activist for her community. In 2020, she worked as a Garden Educator for Greater Richmond’s Fit4Kids program during the COVID-19 pandemic, teaching children in low-income communities about agricultural and nutritional empowerment. Leah believes her purpose is to shed light on existing issues of environmental racism and do anything she can to reclaim green space for Black people and other marginalized communities.