The Seven Circles of Indigenous Teachings for Living Well

Happy March! We have such good intentions when we make new year’s resolutions. The only problem is that those intentions are hard to keep because it means creating new habits, adopting new values, and sometimes changing our thoughts about life. If you are already waning on your resolution, don’t fret.

Join Virginia Interfaith Power & Light’s staff and board members to discuss living well through our book review on The Seven Circles of Indigenous Teachings for Living Well” by Chelsey Luger & Thosh Collins.

The Seven Circles model comprises interconnected circles that keep all aspects of our lives in balance, functioning in harmony with one another. They are food, movement, sleep, ceremony, sacred space, land, and community. 

In this book, Luger and Collins share intimate stories from their life journeys growing up in tribal communities, from the Indigenous tradition of staying active and spiritually centered through running and dance to the universal Indigenous emphasis on a light-filled, minimalist home to create sacred space. Each chapter closes with practical advice on engaging with the teachings and wisdom for keeping that circle in harmony with the others.

We have scheduled seven virtual sessions, one each week, beginning TONIGHT at 6:30 PM and ending on Tuesday, April 18, 2023. Please register below and restart the new year with VAIPL as we read from this exciting resource together!