Margaret Lorraine McLeod-Cain

Hello everyone! I am Margaret Lorraine McLeod-Cain, glad to be alive, and excited to be a part of this
organization! I have a long and varied work history, from the medical laboratory in Hampton, to a law
office in Charlottesville; from being a personal care attendant in Lawrenceville, and ending as a data
entry person in South Hill, VA, just before joining VAIPL. I have three adult children, seven grandchildren
and three great-grandchildren, and I live with one of my daughters in Lawrenceville VA. After receiving
the M.Div. and M.A.C.E. degrees from STVU in 2020 and 2021 respectively, I have been teaching Sunday
school and Bible study at the church my family attends in Lawrenceville, and I have longed for the day
that my faith could be activated in a way that would enhance my love for creation, uplift the mindsets of
people about places, and elevate awareness about how and why we should care for our home – Earth!