Calculate Your Congregation’s Carbon Footprint

LightBulbPeople of faith across the country are doing their part to prevent climate change in their own homes and places of worship through the Cool Congregations program, and saving hundreds of dollars in the process. Cool Congregations is a stewardship program designed to help congregations engage their members in caring for Creation by reducing their individual greenhouse gas emissions.

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Carbon Footprint Calculator

Measure your carbon footprint, find ways to reduce, get certified!

With the calculator, you can measure:

  • Facility: The amount of fuel used to heat, cool, and power your buildings, plus water, waste and recycling
  • Transportation: The staff work-related miles and travel by congregants to worship
  • Food: The frequency various types of animal products, grain, produce, and drinks are served at congregational meals each week
  • Procurement: The dollars spent on printing, supplies, maintenance, and everything else you purchase

Get started today by viewing the calculator checklist to help you gather your information and learning more about the calculator!