2019 Earth Day Feature: Caring for Creation with River Road United Methodist Church



River Road United Methodist Church, recently named the greenest large church within the Virginia Methodist Conference, is preparing to celebrate another Earth (Sabbath) Day.

Here’s a look at some of the many ways RRUMC’s Earth Advocacy Committee has lead the congregation in their commitment to care for God’s Creation:



  • Became a certified National Wildlife Habitat (certification requires providing bird-feeders, shelters, birdbaths and more)
  • Initiated a church-wide recycling initiative
  • Constructed two rain gardens to eliminate erosion and run-off into surrounding streams
  • Created a beautiful bee and butterfly garden (with accompanying rain barrel) to provide nurturance to pollinators
  • Discontinued the use of all Styrofoam products
  • Started a composting program
  • Replaced incandescent light bulbs with CFLs and LEDs
  • Regularly advocate their elected representatives on Creation Care issues
  • Eliminated the use of chemicals on lawns/grounds
  • Installed energy efficient windows, waterless urinals, and a new, more efficient boiler
  • Installed energy-saving motion detectors on light switches throughout the building
  • Upgraded to environmentally-friendly cleansers and chlorine-free toilet paper
  • Collaborated with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to create multiple Creation Care conferences
  • Visited numerous other houses of worship to assist in their Creation Care initiatives
  • Launched a Creation Care Family initiative
  • And much, much more!

In preparation for your celebration of Earth Sabbath Day and Creation Care please take time with your friends and family to discuss and complete (or even add to) the Creation Care Family Checklist, which lists the many things that everyone can do to take better care of God’s Creation.

Hang it on your refrigerator; and then pick one or two (or more) things that you are committed to start doing in the months ahead

Download here