VAIPL Supports Investing in Public Transportation

The cost of owning and maintaining a single-passenger vehicle is increasing rapidly. The price of a gallon of regular gas has risen by approximately $1.50 over the past year! According to iSeeCars, the cost of used cars has jumped by 29.8%, or $7,282.  New car prices have also increased  by “a whopping 22% jump in the average price of a new car since the pandemic struck two years ago — to more than $46,000, as of December.”  All these factors suggest that expanding public transit is a wise choice.

We support the many Virginians who cannot afford to own a car by advocating for public transportation. In many regions across Virginia, public transportation lacks the funding and investment necessary to add new routes, increase frequency, and make public transit an alternative to maintaining and owning a car. 

When we ride the bus together, we advocate for the improved air quality that the reduction of single-passenger vehicles on our roads would produce. Suppose more of us use public transportation to travel to work, go shopping, make medical appointments, and for family outings? 

Next week we will demonstrate why we think public transportation provides for a healthy economy. Join us by registering for Virginia Interfaith Power & Light’s Ride the Bus Week from May 23rd to 27th! We encourage you to take advantage of your local public transit system for at least one trip during Ride the Bus Week. VAIPL staff will be riding GRTC on Friday, May 27th, and broadcasting on our Environmental Justice Now show at noon. Ride the bus with us!