Virginia Makes Legislative Commitments to Environmental Justice


Kendyl Crawford, Virginia Interfaith Power & Light, 757-268-8810,

Virginia Makes Legislative Commitments to Environmental Justice

Richmond, VA – On March 3rd, Governor Ralph Northam signed a bill to codify the Virginia Council on Environmental Justice (VCEJ).  The purpose of this council is to “provide recommendations that maintain a foundation of environmental justice principles intended to protect vulnerable communities from disproportionate impacts of pollution.”
Additionally, the Virginia Environmental Justice Act, which commits the state to “promote environmental justice and ensure that it is carried out throughout the Commonwealth,” has been sent to the governor’s desk and is expected to be signed.

In response, VAIPL Director, Kendyl Crawford, said:

“This is a historic moment for environmental justice in the Commonwealth. Finally, in response to generations of oppression and heavy environmental burden placed on the backs of low-income families and communities of color, Virginia has decided to make a commitment to the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of every person, regardless of race, color, national origin, income, faith, or disability. By no means is the struggle towards environmental justice over, but now a foundation has been laid with the support of Governor Northam.

We raise up the success of the Virginia Environmental Justice Collaborative, of which Virginia Interfaith Power & Light is a member, along with the efforts of environmental justice champions, Sen. Hashmi, Sen. Locke, Del. Herring, and Del. Keam. Moving forward we must not forget that caring for the sacred gift of Creation also means caring for our neighbors.”


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