In the wake of Hurricane Harvey…


Virginia Interfaith Power and Light

Dear Friend of VAIPL,

Less than two weeks ago, we witnessed a horrible tragedy unfold in Texas and onthe Gulf Coast. Now thousands are beginning to make their way back to their homes. This past Sunday, on the National Day of Prayer for Harvey victims, folks ofall faiths across the nation prayed for healing and peace after the storm that took thelives of at least 60 people. VAIPL’s Board and staff work everyday to increase thecapacity for Virginians to live sustainable lives. Our commitment to Virginia does not preclude keeping faith with other communities around the country and world who need our help.

Please help us to support our brothers and sisters on the Gulf Coast as they start the long process to rebuild. I invite you to consider a donation to one of the following local organizations:

As Hurricane Irma makes its way through the Carribean, where nine lives have already been lost, and preparations are already underway in Florida, we must join together to not only hold these communities in our hearts and prayers, but also to prepare our own communities to mitigate the damage that has already been done to Creation. This damage to Creation is producing increasingly powerful storms: Hurricane Harvey set records for windfall and rainfall in the continental US and Hurricane Irma is one of the most powerful Atlantic storms ever.

Storms like Harvey and Irma have great potential to threaten communities in our beloved Commonwealth. Hampton Roads is the second most vulnerable region in the country to sea level rise and storm surge, and experts have been clear that low-lying and low-income communities are the most vulnerable.

With three to six feet of sea level rise expected this century, it is up to us to support one another. This can include donations, but also talking to our friends, neighbors, and faith communities about why we have a moral responsibility to act. When we care for Creation, we care for each other. No donation is too small to help the recovery effort.


Kendyl Crawford (left) & Rev. Dr. Faith Harris (right)
Co-Chairs, Virginia Interfaith Power & Light