Make your Voice Heard & Participate in the RGGI Comment Period!

Governor Glen Youngkin wants to stop Virginia’s participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), which our Organizing Coordinator & Water Campaign Lead, Leah Jones, describes as an initiative that “is an important stepping stone for our state to provide funds to those affected by energy burden and severe flooding while also providing incentives (for energy providers) … to act on climate and reduce Virginia’s carbon emissions.”’

We need you to help keep weatherization and flood preparedness assistance programs funded in our state. Click the link below to access the  Comment Period that gives us the power to let the Air Pollution Control Board know why Virginia needs to stay in RGGI!

Check out last week’s Environmental Justice Now! to learn more about what makes participation in this Comment Period so important and why it is a bad deal for Virginia homeowners, businesses, and communities to leave RGGI.

The Comment Period ends this Wednesday, October 26th, so be sure to submit your comments before then!