This Week in Building Back Better: The Mountain Valley Pipeline

As we enter the final months of 2021, we are reminded of the looming decisions on the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP). This pipeline would carry fracked gas across 303 miles from northern West Virginia to southern Virginia. The proposed pipeline would have a carbon impact equivalent to 26 typical coal plants, and risk water contamination in local communities and homes.

Furthermore, MVP’s “Southgate Extension” plan, which includes a compressor station in Pittsylvania County, would perpetuate patterns of environmental racism that concentrates toxins in Black and Indigenous communities.

In the next few weeks, the State Water Control Board will vote on whether to grant the pipeline development company the required water quality certification necessary to build the pipeline. The public has until October 27th, 2021 to leave a public comment about this new permit. It is vital that we not only express our concerns to the Water Control Board; but also, fight for sustainable, long-term investments in clean and safe water and communities.

President Biden’s Build Back Better Act would maximize the resilience of land and water resources and protect communities and the environment! The Clean Energy Performance Program would also set us on the right trajectory to reduce fossil fuel consumption and transition to clean energy and thereby avoiding warming the planet further.

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